Balance Fitness Studio front area

About Us

Balance Fitness Studio in Minneapols, was founded in 2002 by personal trainers and wellness entrepreneurs, Morgan Luzier and Craig Helmer. Back then, “boutique fitness” was unheard of, save a few trailblazers. We didn't intend to be on the forefront of a wave of locally-owned studios, but we were. And here we've remained for over a decade. Consistent. Reliable. A fitness studio wholly dedicated to providing the highest quality classes, personal training and wellness coaching in the Twin Cities.

After all this time, we know who we are. And we know who we are not.

— We aren’t a big box gym with cookie cutter coaches

We are a cooperative of independent fitness and wellness professionals with profound personal and professional training experience and education. We are passionate about wellness and go beyond “a good workout” to steer you towards optimal physical health on all levels.

We are not a membership facility that asks you to throw money towards “unlimited everything,” rather a fee-for-service studio that works around your schedule and lifestyle. At a time when we have to stretch our fitness, wellness, health and beauty dollars, you can know that every cent dedicated to training at Balance goes to training.

Once you find Balance Fitness Studio, you also tap into a network of other wellness opportunities like our cycling club, our partners at CrossFit Kingfield and LynLake Wellness; offering chiropractic, Gyrotonic, aesthetics/skin care, corrective exercise, massage therapy and other bodywork.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for an initial meeting and see how the Balance Fitness community can support your wellness needs!