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Marie Nelson

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Marie meets everyone where they are and guides them where they want to go. Marie works with all fitness levels—from the very beginner to elite athletes. She points clients back within themselves for their own healing, strength and confidence.

Marie specializes in both Russian Kettlebell training and meditative movement. Marie was introduced to kettlebells back in 2006, before most people even heard of them. She trained with Ron Morris and Pavel Tsatsouline, the men who brought kettlebells to the States. Marie also specializes in meditative movement based on the principles of Feldenkrais, having studied under Neue Livingstone. Marie has a keen eye and listens deeply to the needs of each client.

In her free time, Marie enjoys singing, songwriting and playing guitar.

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B.A. Spanish and Communication Studies, Hamline University, Cum Laude

Trained in the Three Principles Psychology with Joe and Michael Bailey

Trained in acting with Wendy Lehr at the Children’s Theater

Studied ballet with Dorothy Lundstrom


AFSA Certified Personal Trainer

RKC 2011–2017