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Weight Loss for Active People

If you are an active person who struggles to maintain an ideal weight, consider a new approach to an ongoing frustration. Balance's hallmark weight loss program, Weight Loss for Active People, will transform the way you think about the body, food, fat, diets, exercise, behavior and health.

We’ll also support your weight loss while teaching you how to maintain the energy you need to stay active and present in your daily life. Schedule an interview to see if Weight Loss for Active People can give you a fresh perspective and a renewed commitment to your wellness.

Included in the program:

Starting at $490

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Nutrition and Weight Loss Abby Testimonial image

I officially have lost 20 lbs. I have been running effortlessly with no knee problems and enjoying it immensely. I even had to buy new underwear! Anyway, I think timing in undertaking weight loss is a major factor—it takes so much thought and so long to finally hit. I was at that spot when I got your email, and even though I really wanted to do it, I kept thinking that maybe I wasn't ready, but I was, thank goodness.

I had lost myself to food and I ate every emotion. Food for some reason became my comfort and what I went to when I needed comforting. If someone is ready to take the step, this could be the program for them. I think you have to realize that you are doing it for yourself and no one else.

Once you get out of your old routine and into a new one the program takes over. Being able to see what I was doing and being honest about it was a great tool for me. I felt quite accomplished after journaling my food, the app is easy to use. I know the hardest part is starting, it is a slow process, but as you start losing the weight, your self-confidence seems to kick back in and helps guide the way.

— Abby Rutchick, Balance Studio Member

Nutrition and Weight Loss Steve Testimonial image

I have been a part of the Balance Fitness community since its inception in 2002. Over those years, Balance has been a welcoming place, even after some lapses in our consistency. I've always found a timeless connection to being around those living a happy and healthful life. From boot camps, to indoor cycling, from personal one-on-one workouts, to group cycling trips, from weight loss programming and coaching, to lone rides wearing my Balance bike kit, I've enjoyed those who surround and those who are at the core of Balance Fitness Studio.

— Steve Kotvis, Balance Studio Member since 2002