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Personal Trainers

Finding the right personal trainer in Minneapolis, is easy. It's like Internet dating without the creepiness factor. We can't help you if you don't make the first move. Just ask a question or comment on our cute pictures and we'll take it from there. If you're ready for some face time with us, schedule a meeting. We can check each other out.

You decide if you like us and our gym. We'll get an idea of your fitness and wellness goals, schedule, personality, health history and budget. Then, based on our meeting, we'll shoot you an email with suggestions for a second date. We'll offer up ideas that support your health goals, schedule, financial reality and the trainer who will best help you. Once we come up with a plan that works for everyone, we set it in motion.

Co-Founder Morgan Luzier image

Morgan Luzier

Co-founder / Trainer
Co-Founder Craig Helmer image

Craig Helmer

Co-founder / Trainer
Juliet Alden image

Juliet Alden

Fiona Lockhart image

Fiona Lockart

Matt Lucas image

Matthew Lucas

Rich Bluma image

Rich Bluma

Massage Therapist /Trainer
Joe Christian image

Joe Christian

Amy Bloemendal image

Amy Bloemendal

Lea Kirdatt image

Lea Kirdatt

Nicole Purdie image

Nicole Purdie

Marie Nelson image

Marie Nelson